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AMOT works with original equipment manufacturers and oil and gas companies to design and develop safety products and solutions for engines, compressors, turbines and other rotating equipment.  Our product families include valves, electric and pneumatic instrumentation, control and condition monitoring systems and hazardous area safety products:
  • Valves - thermostatic control, temperature control, fuel metering, diesel engine air intake shut off, fuel shut off and air start valves
  • Electronic & Pneumatic Instrumentation - temperature, pressure, vibration, speed and pneumatic panel components
  • Condition Monitoring Systems - bearing condition monitoring, water in oil sensors, shaft-line earthing, metal particle detectors
  • Hazardous Area Products - temperature, pressure, vibration, speed, spark arrestors and alternators

Product Highlight

3-Way Actuated Control Valve | Model G

AMOT Model G Control ValveAMOT Model G, 3-way control valves improve engine performance by offering higher temperature accuracy, low pressure drop, and a flexible design that easily integrates into existing systems.


9/6/2018 - Join AMOT in booth #637 at the GMRC Gas Machinery Conference, Sept 30-Oct 3, Kansas City, MO

If you're looking for improved efficiency and reduced emissions from your gas compression machinery, AMOT will have the solutions on display at the GMRC Conference. AMOT G actuated temperature control…


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AMOT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roper Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: ROP) a publicly traded company.  More Information