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4261D Air Intake Shut-off Valve (Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Manual Actuation)



AMOT 4261D Butterfly Valves help prevent diesel engine runaway. Diesel runaway is a constant problem, injuring personnel and causing severe damage to equipment every year. A diesel engine will runaway and self destruct on hydrocarbon vapors, even if the engine’s primary source of fuel is taken away. An intake air shut-off valve is a must for diesel engines which have even a possibility of encountering hydrocarbon vapors. The Air Intake Shut-off Valves from AMOT use the best available technology to shut down a runaway diesel by choking off engine intake air.


  • Corrosive resistant, anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Best available technology - “Butterfly Valve” design
  • Use “Stand alone” or in complete runaway shut down system
  • Remote reset capability
  • Manual, pneumatic, electric or hydro mechanical actuation
  • Easily installed, saves money
  • Most compact design available