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XTS-W Shaft Earth Device Monitor (SEDM)

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Shaft Earth Device Monitor


The XTS-W Shaft Earth Device Monitor provides a permanent and readily available indication on the condition, and therefore effectiveness, of the shaft bonding system.

The AMOT Shaft Earth Device Monitor comprises a split slipring arrangement and ancillary brush gear, which is designed to be easily installed by proficient technical personnel and without the need for specialist tools.

The slipring is supplied as two identical halves, rolled to the specified shaft diameter.

To ensure a continuous cathode bond and the shaft bearing is not damaged, the monitor should display shaft potential not exceeding 80 mV. Readings in excess of this value are indicative of worn bonding brushes or poorly maintained brush gear and/or sliprings.

Measurement of the shaft potential is achieved by the installation of a single monitoring brush which runs on the main shaft bonding slipring, but has its brush gear mounted on a separate and insulated splindle. This brush gear is connected directly to the monitor unit.