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Temperature / Pressure Sensors and Switches


4140 Pressure and Temperature Switches

Housing material: Diecast aluminum alloy casting
Fully gasketed and weatherproof
Pressure sensing wetted parts: Fitted with nitrile rubber diaphragm
Temp. sensing probe: Wax element enclosed in copper sheath or bi-metallic disc (range 6)
Vibration: Resistant up to 14G/100Hz Refer to microswitch type
Temperature: Temp. switch:
Pressure switch:
-40 to 120°C
-40 to 90°C
-40 to 248°F
-40 to 194°F
Types: Single
Combined pressure and temperature

See datasheet for complete specifications.

4250 Series

4250 Hazardous Area Temperature & Pressure Switch

Housing material: Cast aluminum
Diaphragm: Nitrile or Viton
Max. pressure on diaphragm: 24.1 bar 350 psi
Max. pressure on temp. elements: 54.04 bar 800 psi
Max. case temp.: 40°C (T6)
55°C (T5 - to special order)
Max. net weight: 2.1 kg 4.6 lbs
EC type examination cert: Baseefa 03ATEX0633X
ATEX Certification: The ATEX Directive meets EU directives detailing equipment and work conditions allowable in an environment with an explosive atmosphere.

See datasheet for complete specifications.


8060 3-Wire PT100 Temperature Sensor

Temperature range: -100 to 250°C -150 to 482°F
Accuracy: IEC 751:1983 BS EN60751:1996
Class B
RTD: 3 wire platinum 100 Ohm element
Connection head: Heavy duty aluminum IP67
Conduit thread: M20, PG 13.5" or 16", 1/2 NPT 
Thermal well: Stainless steel  
Installation thread: 1/2" BPS, Tr, 1/2" NPT  
Terminations: Threaded  

See datasheet for complete specifications.