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4121 Vibro-Guard Vibration Switch



AMOT Model 4121 Vibro-Guard Valve is a 2-way acceleration sensing valve with optional electric microswitch. It is closed under normal conditions and trips open to vent when vibration or shock exceeds the set level. This venting action, when used in a pneumatic safety control system, can be used to sound a pneumatic alarm or shut down malfunctioning equipment, or both. Failing bearings, broken blades, cracked, broken or bent shafts, misfiring, and accumulated deposits are a few of the items which the Vibro-Guard can detect.

The unit is available with an optional microswitch for applications where an electrical signal is desired. The valve may be reset manually or by means of a pneumatic cylinder in the cover. The pneumatic reset feature is also used as a starting or time-delay lockout when desired for machinery which vibrates heavily during start up. Since the standard unit is non-electric, it can be used in hazardous locations without an explosion-proof housing. This unit is weatherproof and anodized for corrosion protection in salt spray atmospheres (Gulfproofed).

The Model 4121 trip point is easily adjusted to the desired level of sensitivity after installation and is highly repeatable once set.

Features and Benefits

  • Anodized (Gulf-proofed) finish
  • Pneumatic and electric version available
  • Pneumatic reset/override available