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4058/4458 Manual & Pilot Operated 4-Way Valves



AMOT Models 4058 and 4458 4-way valves were developed for use in manual and automatic hydraulic or pneumatic control systems. They offer versatility in operation requirements and allowable pressure limits. For a 1/4” size control valve, they offer exceptional flow capacity.
These valves are suitable for use on clean air, natural gas, L.P. gases, petroleum-based lubricants and hydraulic oils as well as many other fluids making use of the patented “Tad-Pole” seal from AMOT which provides for lower friction and longer cycle life than conventional 0-rings.

Features and Benefits

  • Balanced force design, pressure can be applied to any port
  • Center dead spot - no port overlap
  • Arranged for panel or bracket mounting
  • Available in aluminum or 316 stainless steel