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4110 Hydro-Mechanical Overspeed Sensing Valve



AMOT Model 4110 Overspeed Sensing Valve provides overspeed protection for engines and rotating equipment. The valve uses a precision flyweight speed sensor to vent a pneumatic or hydraulic signal (via a built-in two-way valve) at a pre-set RPM.


  • Dependable protection from overspeed for engines and rotating equipment - reduces risk of engine damage and injury to personnel

  • Available settings from 800 - 4200 RPM in several mounting arrangements - adapts to most popular engine makes and models with ease. Trip setting is field adjustable.

  • Top mounted tachometer drive - can be mounted ‘in-line’ with existing tachometer cable and tachometer

  • May be mounted in any position

  • Factory packed bearings - extends life of equipment

  • Gulfproofed (anodized aluminum) construction - proven corrosion resistance even in offshore environments

  • No electricity required, fail safe - low cost and simple installation

  • Compatible with other AMOT safety control sensors - AMOT provides sole source responsibility for shut down system