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Temperature Control Valves

Temperature Control Valves

AMOT temperature control valves, also known as temperature regulators, include: thermostatic internally-sensed temperature control, externally-sensed temperature control, and electrically or pneumatically actuated temperature control valves.  Actuated 3-way temperature control valves are used for tighter temperature control, remote temperature sensing and low pressure drop applications. For help selecting the right temperature control valve, view our selection guide.

Thermostatic Valves

Thermostatic Control Valves

Internally-sensed, 3-way thermostatic control valves, or temperature regulators, provide reliable, automatic and accurate temperature control of fluids.
  • Self-contained, 3-way temperature regulating valves
  • Appropriate for mixing or diverting applications
  • No external power source required
  • Years of trouble-free service with minimal maintenance necessary
Our extensive range of available sizes make AMOT thermostatic control valves an easy, drop-in replacement for many obsolete or discontinued valves, including:
  • Bruning Thermal Bypass Valves
  • Fulton Sylphon Temperature Regulators
  • Thermovalve Corporation

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Actuated Temperature Control Valves

Actuated Temperature Control Valves & Accessories

3-way rotary temperature control valves available with electric and pneumatic actuation.

Size Range: 2” to 18”
Flow range: 37 to 8300 GPM


Temperature and Pressure Control Valves

The AMOT combined temperature and pressure control valve is used in applications where both temperature and pressure control are required simultaneously. It combines temperature control, pressure regulating and pressure relief into a single manifold valve, thereby reducing installation costs and simplifying material planning. 

Filter and Manifold Valves

Temperature and Filter Manifold Valves

The AMOT Temperature and Filter Manifold Control Valves are compact thermostatic temperature valves with an integral spin-on oil filter manifold. This device combines a temperature control valve with a spin-on filter manifold to simplify and reduce installation costs. It reduces packaging size by eliminating piping and fitting components.