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FED Diverting Dual Filter Filterstat (1¼" to 1½” | DN32 to DN40)

FED Filterstat Valve


AMOT model FED temperature and filter manifolds are fully automatic, 3-way fluid temperature controllers for diverting applications. They are available in 1 ¼” and 1 ½” sizes and settings to fill a multitude of fluid temperature control requirements. They have a compact design and low installation cost and flexible dual spin-on filter manifold which allows customer to use filter size of their choice. As with other AMOT thermostatic valves, temperature and filter manifold uses fully enclosed, factory-set temperature element assemblies which provide tamper-proof operation. It is field replaceable and is available with temperature settings from 120°F to 235°F (49°C to 113°C). To change a valve setting, it is necessary to exchange the temperature element assembly.

Features and Benefits

  • Direct filter connection
  • Integral differential pressure switch
  • Integral oil filter manifold
  • Mount in any position