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4500D Temperature & Pressure Control Valve (2" to 4" | DN 50 to DN100)



The AMOT combined temperature and pressure control valve is used in applications where both temperature and pressure control are required simultaneously. It combines temperature control, pressure regulating and pressure relief into a single manifold valve, thereby reducing installation costs and simplifying material planning. The valve is designed to be mounted directly on the oil tank to reducing piping.

Features and Benefits

  • Combined pressure, temperature and pressure relief in a single valve
    • Remote downstream pilot pressure regulation
    • 4" internally sensed 3-way temperature control valve
    • Integrated pressure relief valve
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel construction
  • Ports for instrumentation
  • Reduces installation costs (valves, piping, fittings, flanges)
  • Simplifies material planning
  • PED suitable for Group 1 & 2 liquids
  • ATEX II2 G X
  • CE