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Model E 3-Way Thermostatic Control Valve (½" to 1½” | DN15 to DN40)

E Valve


AMOT model E thermostatic valves are available in a wide selection of sizes and settings to fill a multitude of fluid temperature control requirements. These valves may be mounted in any position and use the proven expanding wax principle to actuate the 3-way temperature element assemblies. The model E valves may be used for diverting or mixing service. They make very economical temperature limiting valves to prevent scalding in home, motel or hotel hot water supply systems. Radiant heating systems can use these valves in limiting water temperature to prevent surface cracking and over-heating of plastic piping. Other applications include electronic and battery cooling circuits, pump temperature relief valves etc.

Features and Benefits

  • No external power source required - simple, low cost installation

  • No user setting needed - ‘fit and forget’ solution

  • Small number of parts – simple maintenance and low cost of ownership

  • Robust design capable of high vibration and shock applications

  • Easy installation, operates in any mounting position

  • Automatic self-sensing control with positive proportional valve action