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Model 2470 External Sensing 2-Way Valve (1" | DN25)

2470 Temperature Regulating Valve


The 2470 is a two-way temperature regulating valve with remote sensing to modulate or shut off flow resulting from temperature changes. It can be used to sense the regulating medium or another fluid. The 2470 valve uses a highly reliable expanding wax element encased in a bronze retaining cup, which produces exceptional valve travel per unit of temperature change. Where additional element insertion length is required, extensions can be added. Stainless steel wells are also available for use in corrosive environments or where fluid containment is necessary.


Features and Benefits

  • Tamper-Proof Temperature Settings 21 to 121˚C (70 to 250˚F)
  • External Sensing for Liquid Service
  • Open or Close On Rising Temperature
  • Conserves Water and Steam
  • Alternative option is our external sensing Model J thermostatic valve